Producer of the Wilson Gillette Report covering the Jones Act product tanker and large ATB market with rate forecast to 2025. Contact us for subscription details

We also launched a 'Marine Fuels 2020' Advisory Service recently in partnership with EnSys - see Service Overview here or contact us for full subscription details

Maritime Industry Services:

Management Consulting Services (Market Analysis, Supply/Demand Forecasting, Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Rate Forecasts, Strategy, Financial Modeling, Asset Evaluation, etc.)

Expert Testimony (Maritime Economics, Damages, Market, Operations, Costs, Pricing)

Vessel, Fleet, and Company Valuation/Appraisals

Other/Technical - Air Emissions, Fuel Consumption (Bunkers), Demurrage, etc.

David St. Amand - President
Navigistics Consulting
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, Boxborough, MA 01719
(978) 266-1882 fax 978-266-9780
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